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Unique System

How will emergency medical personnel know a persons allergies, medical conditions, medications, doctors and emergency contact information? especially if they are unconscious or hospitalized. Medical id bracelets and alert jewelry only have room for a word or phone number. In an emergency, a bracelet will likely not have enough information to save a life.

MEDAlertâ„¢ is a USB personal medical information and alert device that  combines emergency medical information with today's technology. A digital memory chip is used to store emergency information on the easy access MEDAlertâ„¢ medical history and alert form.

The bright red device with the MEDAlertâ„¢ logo will alert medical personnel to special needs and existing medical conditions.  The MEDAlertâ„¢ device can be easily attached to a key chain, purse or lanyard to wear around the neck and plugged into the USB drive on any computer to access. It is also very convenient when providing medical information to new doctors, schools or kids camps.

Our unique memory device and custom designed data entry form allows you to quickly and easily enter a complete medical history and save the results as 'read only'. We provide complete instructions to make the process of creating new devices and performing updates quick and easy. All you need is a computer with Microsoft Word, a USB drive and a printer.  We also have a French version of our MEDAlert form available and would be happy to provide a custom form for you in any language.

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Windows & Mac Compatible
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